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What is a Way of Jesus Academy Internship…

Way of Jesus Academy partners with regional businesses and organizations, in cooperation with parents, to offer practical instruction and career exploration for every student in grades 11 & 12. Each semester, students will be offered a different internship experience for a total of 4 unique experiences.


Semester 1

September – December


Semester 2

January – May


What steps do I need to take as a


Businesses who choose to walk alongside young people who are pursuing career

exploration will need to follow these 5 simple steps:


1) Call and schedule an appointment with our internship representative

2) Sign a Business Agreement and submit the required Clearances

3) Allow a school representative to do a student check-in on an internship day.

4) Complete a monthly evaluation

5) Complete the Final evaluation


Contact Info:

Jason D Weaver

Phone: 717-715-0099

Email: mrweaver@wayofjesusacademy.org