Why the name, Way of Jesus Academy?

Jesus set the ultimate example for us when he came to earth to give himself for the good of all people. He taught love, acceptance, forgiveness, integrity, and how to give of yourself for the good of others.

Here at Way of Jesus Academy, we make it our goal to follow the example he set for us, in everyday life. We want to teach each child who enters our doors the way of life that Jesus intended for humanity by helping each child develop an attitude of servanthood, where we recognize the needs and desires of others. 

We believe that following in Jesus example will create a safe learning environment for each child, in which they can thrive and grow academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

History of Way of Jesus Academy

Way of Jesus Academy was founded in September of 2012 by a group of visionaries who wanted to provide a Christ-centered school alternative to public school education for the children of Lancaster City.

We have grown each year, and have moved several times to accommodate the growing student body. We have been blessed with God’s direction for the school and the way he has provided each step of the way.

Way of Jesus Academy is a ministry of Way of Jesus fellowship, an Anabaptist church located in Lancaster City.

Advantages Way of Jesus Academy Provides

  • Biblical world view
  • Small classes (student: teacher ratio is 10:1)
  • Combination of traditional and hands-on learning
  • Pull-out tutoring
  • Safe environment
  • Bible Classes and Bible Memory
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama (stage)
  • Physical Education
  • Sports