Our Goals

We want our school to be available to families of all income levels; therefore, tuition is calculated on a sliding scale, based on family income.

Way of Jesus Academy has a vision of growing and providing a superior education for preschool through high school. Each year we add a higher grade to accommodate the children who have been learning with us at WOJ Academy. Currently, we offer preschool through 9th and will be adding 10th grade in the fall of 2023.

We recently purchased a new property. We now have Pre-School through 10th grade at our current location.


We are committed to graduating generations of children who are equipped to become builders in the kingdom of God.


Our vision is to provide a solid Christian foundation

Our vision is to use the school to bring healing and freedom to children and their families:

  • By repairing and strengthening faith, hope, and love in their lives.
  • By teaching them to be ministers of righteousness, justice, and praise.
  • By glorifying the name of Jesus as he grows the seeds that are planted.