Sara King 


Kaitlyn Lapp


Melody Weiler

1st Grade

Anna Kauffman

2nd Grade

Naomi Siegrist

3rd Grade

Carita Witmer

4th Grade

Jason Weaver

Middle School

Abigail Martin

Art & Resources

Joann Martin


Ms. Landis



Michael Beiler , Chairman

Michael is the President of Farmco MFG, and serves in different roles within Way of Jesus Ministry. His passion is working with youth, children and their families and seeing the children learn to make good choices.

Ernie Beiler, Board member

Ernie is a realtor and also has a beef business based off his home farm in Gap. He has been involved in Lancaster for the past 20 years and is currently serving as Chairman of the Way of Jesus Ministries board as well as an elder at Way of Jesus Fellowship.

Paul Landis, Board member

Paul is the President of Martin Appliance and Water Conditioning and brings a lot of expertise to the school from his experience in leading at Martins Appliance.

Wendell Martin, Board member

Wendell is the lead sales manager at Landis Technologies, LLC. He lives in Lancaster city and is currently a patron at Way of Jesus Academy.

Virginia Landis, Principal

Virginia was working at Landis Computer when God clearly called her to quit her job and start as the administrator of WOJA. She brings a lot of leadership to school and wears many “hats” during a normal week of school.

Jay Fox, Adviser

Jay is the founder of Fairview Christian School, based in Reading, PA. He previously served as the Principal for many years and brings a lot of stories and advice from his experiences in Reading in leading a private Christian School in the city of Reading.